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We Offer The Essence Of Nature.

BABA SIDI Herbs is specialized in the production, transformation and exportation of aromatic, medicinal plants and their essential oils. 

High quality raw materials are our passion and the basis of our business.

Our Products

BABA SIDI Herbs provides a large selection of high quality products according to the specific needs of our customers.

Aromatic Plants


Medicinal Plants


Essential Oils

Our Story

Supply The Best Organic Products Since 2001

BABA SIDI Herbs was created in 2001 and based in Marrakesh – Morocco. It is specializing in the production and exportation of aromatic, medicinal plants and their essential oils.

Our expertise in harvesting, collecting, processing and trading planted is backed up by over 20 years of passion for herbs.

We have a highly experienced and professional team which boasts a very important know-how in the production process. This team will work with you and will watch over the respect of your special requirements.


High quality products

Organic Products

Our Production Facility

BABA SIDI Herbs has a modern factory built on an area of 10,750 m² in Marrakech region in Morocco.

We offer our products in different forms such as roots, whole or cut leaves, powder or essential oils, like :

Our Story

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