About Us

We have been producing and exporting aromatic, medicinal plants and their essential oils for 20 years.

We Offer The Essence Of Nature.

We Have One Goal

To ProvideThe Highest Quality
Organic Products and Services.

Team of experts : accumulating years of expertise through its many trips to the heart of the best Moroccan herbs, the objective being to collect a rigorous selection of raw materials concentrated in naturalness and unique flavors.

Products based on quality : we have been working in the industry for over 20 years. BABA SIDI Herbs offers a wide range of products of the best quality, meeting the specific requirements of its customers.


Clients satisfaction : We’re on the pulse of current regulations, modern technology, and have monitored the evolution of the supply chain —all to provide you with amazing products and to give you exceptional advice that will make you stand out from the competition.

Our History

BABA SIDI Herbs was created in 2001 and based in Marrakesh – Morocco. It is specializing in the production and exportation of aromatic, medicinal plants and their essential oils.

Our main focus from the beginning was aromatic, medicinal plants and their essential oils, and within 20 years, we expanded our offering to a wide range of plants in different forms such as roots, whole or cut leaves, powder or essential oils.  Today, we still operate our modern factory built on an area of 10,750 M² in Marrakech Region In Morocco. Our success with our clients has come from a strong focus on our 5 founding principles.

  1. We source the finest quality plants from our farms and collection areas around Morocco.
  2. We supply all of our products at market leading prices with no gimmicks.
  3. We never sacrifice quality for price.
  4. The customer is always right and customers should always be treated with a satisfaction mentality.
  5. Appreciate every customer, large and small and do our best to service them.

BABA SIDI Herbs is implementing an efficient quality and traceability system, which is articulated around 3 axes:

  1. The implementation of Good Agricultural and Collection Practice (GACP) in farms and collection areas
  2. The implementation of Good Hygiene Practice (GHP) for every site of production and processing
  3. The application of the HACCP method (prevention of hazards in production processes)

BABA SIDI Herbs has obtained the organic certification MA-BUI-102 (European organic certification, with NOP equivalence arrangement between the US and the EU), and began the implementation of ISO 22000 system and all quality tools to provide our customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

Since 2001, our mission at BABA SIDI Herbs has always been simple: provide our customers with the highest quality of product for the best value.

With products ranging from aromatic, medicinal plants and their essential oils, our efforts toward achieving this goal as a production and exporting company are reflected in the superior quality of our products, fast delivery times, and a high level of customer service and support.

Most of our plants are collected from our own farms in Morocco. Our climate is pollution free, and our soil has been rotated for maximum replenishment, and fed with organic ingredients. We rigorously inspect everything we grow and everything that we source.

We think you will find that working with us will benefit your business because you can count on us to deliver what we promise. From shipping, to sourcing, to service, to contract growing we are committed to supporting you. 

Grown With Love on Our Farms

The company has developed its knowledge on the basis of local traditional knowledge combined with modern scientific knowledge. This particular alchemy between science and tradition has led to an original business model which is BABA SIDI Herbs.

We Offer The Essence Of Nature.

Abdelmajid HAKAM

Founder & CEO

The Daunfarm Team

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