• Family-owned : company in the first generation

  • Location: Marrakesh-Morocco

  • Founded : 2001

  • Specialising : in the production & exportation of Aromatic and Medicinal

  • Plants : their Essential Oils and vegetable oils

  • Export share 2020 : 100 percent

  • Employees : 60

  • Founder and CEO : Mr. Hakam Abdelmajid

  • Aromatics and Medicinal plants

  • Spices
  • Essential Oils and Hydrolat
  • Vegetable Oils

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  • Protective treatment of stocks (Germ reduction, storage)

  • Raw material refinement (cleaning, optical sorting, cutting, grinding, pelletizing, hand picking)
  • Logistics (tracking and controlling orders)

Raw material procurement

  • Procurement on global raw materials markets from the best cultivation and collection areas
  • National contract cultivation (International project work)
  • Development of sustainable supply structures.


  • Processes: Cleaning, optical sorting, cutting (fine and coarse cuts), grinding.
  • Stock protective treatment systems: Germ reduction systems with saturation steam (continuous and batch processes) for all cut sizes.


  • FDA: Food and Drug Administration

  • ONSSA: Agreement n° EPSCP 21.79.15

  • NOP-Eur Organic Certification