Production Process

BABA SIDI Herbs has an objective to meet the expectations of each client according to their needs and requirements;
This is why we have developed a process of organic plant transformations (herbalism cuts, extraction, powder, mixtures and fumigation).

Cultivated and Wild Collection

« BABA SIDI Herbs » implementing an efficient system of quality and traceability articulated around 3 axes:

1. The implementation of Good Agricultural and Collection Practice (GACP) in farms and collection areas
2. The implementation of Good Hygiene Practice (GHP) for every site of production and processing
3. The application of the HACCP method (prevention of hazards in production processes)


Sustainability is an important subject in the culture of our society; Baba Sidi Herbs since its creation in 2001 has been socially engaged in order to develop successfully. It has harmonised this success with a societal commitment to ensure sustainable development, this is necessary for the natural, high-quality production of our products.