« Baba Sidi Herbs » offers its selection of high-quality products, resulting from the incredible generosity of the Moroccan ecosystem.

The production approach of BABA SIDI HERBS revolves around four main points:


Rigorous selection of our picking

Far from sources of pollution and in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, with a concern for the regeneration of individuals and respect for the dynamics of wild populations of AMP (Aromatic and Medicinal Plants).


Production and Processing

Based on both local traditional knowledges combined with modern scientific knowledge and advances. The internally developed traceability system also ensures rigorous monitoring of all stages of production until the order is delivered to customers.



We have two large storage warehouses located in Marrakesh, for a large availability of products to our customers. For a good optimization of our supply chain, our products are stored separately by types, from the reception of the raw material to the delivery to our customers around the world about 5 continents.



The valuation process of our products continues until the packaging phase, at this stage, the most specific requirements of our customers are taken into consideration in order to meet their needs through an increasingly suitable offer, more personalized.