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Thyme is an aromatic herb quite usual in Mediterranean cuisine. Due to its intense aroma and characteristic taste it’s used in many different preparations and it’s a usual ingredient in stews, roasts, marinades and dressings (it’s used for pickling olives) for its taste but also for its digestive properties. It can be used fresh and dried depending on the recipe.

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Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is an evergreen plant native to the Mediterranean. Its flower and oil have a popular scent and are also used as medicine

Lavender baba sidi herbs
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Noble Laurel

The laurel is reputed to promote the appearance of menstruation if they are delayed. Added to bath water, a decoction of the leaves soothes aching limbs. The more it is full-bodied, the more it is indicated in case of severe pain. It is also a natural repellent against flies and lice.

Noble Laurel baba sidi herbs
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Welcome to Baba Sidi Herbs

BABA SIDI Herbs is a company specializing in the production and exportation of Aromatic and Medicinal plants, Spices, Essential oils, Hydrolats and Vegetable oils.

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Our expertise in harvesting, collecting, processing, and trading plants is backed up by over twenty years of passion for herbs.


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Production process

« Baba Sidi Herbs » offers its selection of high-quality products, resulting from the incredible generosity of the Moroccan ecosystem.

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We offer our products in different forms such as : Dried Herbs, Spices, Essential Oils & Hydrosol, and Vegetable Oils



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